La ofidiofauna de la reserva ecológica El Bagual, Formosa: abundancia, utilización de los hábitats y estado de situación

Cuadernos de Herpetología 4 (3): 11-14, 1989


The snake fauna of El Bagual Ecological Reserve, Formosa: abundance, habitat utilization and situational state. From records made during eight months consisting of direct observations and some captures, the snake fauna was analyzed to know specific composition, abundance and states of conservation. Each species was associated to the habitat where was found. Although bibliographical record cites 60 species, 19 were found within the protected area. Five were categorized to be very abundant, nine abundant, three common and two scarce. The snake fauna was also analyzed to describe functional guilds according to specific habits and an index of community similarity was considered. High and low grasslands together with the forests supported the highest number of species and in a finally situational states of wild fauna, two potential management problems are expected. One of them with venemous snake fauna which would require a future regulation management, and the other with boids requiring a conservation management technique.

Palabras clave:

El Bagual; Serpientes; Formosa