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Miología pectoral de algunos Centrolenidae (Amphibia: Anura)

Cuadernos de Herpetología 14 (1): 27-45, 2000 acenopg@satlink.com


The comparative study of pectoral myology in two genera of Centrolenidae (Centrolene and Hyalinobatrachium), including four species (C. geckoideum, C. grandisonae, C. robledoi y H. aureoguttatum), adds to our understanding of the pectoral girdle morphology of anurans, enlarging the available information. This study examines new characters for the family. Study of new characters is important because the most frequently used characters to define the group are homoplastic (Lynch, 1973; Duellman & Trueb, 1986; Ford & Cannatella, 1993) which produces a dubious monophyly of group. The results of this study show us the little variability of the pectoral musculature in Centrolenid genera. At the same time some variations between Centrolene and Hyalinobatrachium (related to the depressor mandibulae and pectoralis abdominalis muscles), are significant. In addition, a tendency to duplicate some muscles like the serratus inferioris, dorsal scapulae and depressor mandibulae (also present in Hylidae; Manzano, 1996) can be observed.

Key words:

Amphibia; Anura; Centrolenidae; musculatura pectoral

Received: Aug. 10, 1999 ▪ Accepted: Nov. 11, 1999

Manzano, A.S. 2000. Miología pectoral de algunos Centrolenidae (Amphibia: Anura). Cuadernos de Herpetología 14: 27-45.