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La herpetología en San Luis: Desde un pasado reciente a un futuro de consolidación

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Cuadernos de Herpetología 27 (2): 101-107, 2013 marianajofre@gmail.com


The first mentions about San Luis herpetofauna in systematic catalogues or geographic distribution records date from the 30s. After those first studies, species from San Luis were sporadically cited in other systematic lists or geographic distribution publications for Argentina. The herpetological research performed by local scientists in the province, mainly at the Universidad Nacional de San Luis, began, with a few previous antecedents, in 2000. From that moment, as a part of different research projects, many studies about richness and abundance in different habitats, levels and effects of contaminants, digestive physiology, presence in urbanized habitats and biological indicators have been carried out, and some of them with strong future projections. At present the herpetology in San Luis is in a stage of full diversification and consolidation. The establishment of the Herpetology Unit, that holds the collections DC – JMC and CH-UNSL, a slide collection, a library and a journal collection, reinforces the development of this discipline. The Herpetology has a recent development in San Luis, therefore there are a myriad of thematic areas to cover and to continue strengthening. Our aim as scientists and trainers is to contribute to its development and to consolidate research teams in order to continue the growth of the discipline.

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Investigaciones herpetológicas; San Luis; Historia; Desarrollo; Proyecciones

Received: May. 20, 2012 ▪ Revised: Nov. 22, 2012 ▪ Accepted: Mar. 15, 2013

Associate Editor: J. Goldberg
Jofré, M.B.; Espeche, B.; Calderón, M.R. & Brigada, A.M. 2013. La herpetología en San Luis: Desde un pasado reciente a un futuro de consolidación. Cuadernos de Herpetología 27: 101-107.