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Categorización del estado de conservación de los anfibios de la República Argentina

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Cuadernos de Herpetología 26 (Supl. 1): 131-159, 2012 marcos.vaira@gmail.com


More than a decade after the first red list of herpetofauna proposed by the Asociación Herpetológica Argentina (Lavilla et al., 2000), we recategorized amphibians based on new taxonomic, biogeographical, bio-ecological information and methodological changes in the former evaluation. Through the participation of 35 specialists from all over Argentina 175 taxa of amphibians (171 in the previous categorization) are reevaluated including 23 new taxa added to Argentina, obtaining as results the inclusion of 51 Red List species (8 Endangered, 11 Threatened, 32 Vulnerable), 21 Insufficiently Known and 103 Not Threatened. In relation to the former categorization of the AHA the changes were: one taxon descended from Critically Endangered to Endangered, seven taxa descended from Endangered orVulnerable to Insufficiently Known, and nine from Insufficiently Known to Not Threatened. Three Not Threatened and 10 Insufficiently Known were elevated to different categories of threat, nine taxa were elevated from Endangered to Vulnerable, five from Vulnerable to Endangered, and one from Threatened was elevated to Critically Endangered. Of 23 taxa not evaluated in 2000, 16 are placed as Not Threatened, three Vulnerable, and four Insufficiently Known. These changes are the result of: (1) more available information for evaluation from systematic, biogeography and bio- ecology, (2) changes in human pressures over the species or over their habitats, (3) methodological changes that included recommendations for applying concepts, discussion and consensus among experts and analysis of uncertainties.

Key words:

Anfibios; Conservación; Listas Rojas; Evaluación; Argentina

Received: Aug. 10, 2011 ▪ Revised: Oct. 24, 2011 ▪ Accepted: Oct. 11, 2012

Associate Editor: A. Giraudo
Vaira, M.; Akmentins, M.S.; Attademo, M.; Baldo, D.; Barrasso, D.; Barrionuevo, S.; Basso, N.; Blotto, B.; Cairo, S.; Cajade, R.; Céspedez, J.; Corbalán, V.; Chilote, P.; Duré, M.; Falcione, C.; Ferraro, D.; Gutierrez, F.R.; Ingaramo, M.d.R.; Junges, C.; Lajmanovich, R.; Lescano, J.N.; Marangoni, F.; Martinazzo, L.; Marti, R.; Moreno, L.; Natale, G.S.; Perez Iglesias, J.M.; Peltzer, P.; Quiroga, L.; Rosset, S.; Sanabria, E.; Sanchez, L.; Schaefer, E.; Úbeda, C. & Zaracho, V. 2012. Categorización del estado de conservación de los anfibios de la República Argentina. Cuadernos de Herpetología 26: 131-159.