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Análisis trófico de la herpetofauna de la localidad de Alto Alegre (Depto. Unión, Córdoba, Argentina)

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Cuadernos de Herpetología 25 (1): 11-19, 2011 rmartori@.exa.unrc.edu.ar


We performed a study to compare and analyze the trophic subniche overlap of nine anurans, Rhinella arenarum, Rhinella fernandezae, Leptodactylus gracilis, Leptodactylus latinasus, Leptodactylus mystacinus, Leptodactylus latrans, Odontoprhynus americanus, Scinax nasicus, Elachistocleis bicolor, and two lizards: Cercosaura schreibersi and Mabuya dorsivittata; in the locality of Alto Alegre, province of Córdoba. Morphometric measurements were conducted on the collected individuals, and their stomach contents were analyzed. Preys were determined to the lowest possible taxonomic level. Diets were analyzed by numerosity, volume and frequency. We applied Morisita\'s similarity index to compare diets. We obtained groups with low level of overlapping: a) Cercosaura schreibersi, and Scinax nasicus, b) Mabuya dorsivittata, Odontoprhynus americanus, Leptodactylus mystacinus, Leptodactylus latrans, and Leptodactylus latinasus c) Elachistocleis bicolor, Rhinella fernandezae and Rhinella arenarum and d) Leptodactylus latrans, Elachistocleis bicolor, Rhinella fernandezae, and Rhinella arenarum. We did not find relationships between predator and prey size, except for L. gracilis, L. latinasus, O. americanus, and M. dorsivittata. Some species were specialist feeders like Elachistocleis bicolor, Odontophrynus americanus, and Rhinella fernandezae, others were generalist feeders such as Leptodactylus latrans, Mabuya dorsivittata, and Scinax nasicus and the reminder species had an intermediate foraging tactic.

Key words:

Anura; Squamata; Nicho trófico; Solapamiento

Received: Aug. 30, 2010 ▪ Revised: Sep. 23, 2010 ▪ Accepted: May. 02, 2011

Associate Editor: M. Vaira
Cossovich, S.; Aun, L. & Martori, R. 2011. Análisis trófico de la herpetofauna de la localidad de Alto Alegre (Depto. Unión, Córdoba, Argentina). Cuadernos de Herpetología 25: 11-19.